Top 10 Popular Educational Toys For Baby & Toddlers (Age 1 to 3)

1st place — baby rattle – first toy for baby

Top 10 best educational toys for children up to 1 yearOne of the best toys for developing grasping, tactile reflexes, hearing and vision is a real rattle. It is considered that the brighter and louder it sounds, the more interesting the child to play with her. The more favorite rattle can chew. Here you need to understand that the toy should be the size of a toddler like the appearance and, of course, it should be safe. The child often waving his rattle from side to side, removing sounds and accidentally stab themselves, so the rattle I recommend to buy the most soft. A vivid example can serve as rattle-elephant with rustling ears. My son loved it the most, until the laughter at the sight of her.

rattle with animals for a small child

Here’s a “zine” became the first favorite of our little son. I think that girl baby, too, will be delighted. In addition to elephant there are many other rattles – owl and giraffe, birds and chickens, the birds and monkeys.

rattles birds for toddler to sit in a small pen

rattles for child development

In all these rattles built Gramercy, sales talk different caliber and fabrics of different textures and colors. The price of such rattles is 2 times more expensive in the store than Ali.

+ availability at a purchase-low price;

+ low weight, small size, ease of use and consolidation of new skills development.


— need frequent washing rattles;

— enough to play not for long – up to 30 minutes.

Expert advice:

“Encourage your child to grab the objects, and then slowly take them from him, gently pulling from his hands. It is important that the baby should have clung to such a thing. If he likes this game, give the child a stick and teach him how to hang it. Then encourage your child to take and to give the subject (from the book Cecile Lupan. Believe in your child)”.

2nd place — a mobile in the crib for a newborn baby

hanging toys in the crib of a newborn

Mobil is a collection of dangling toys, with mounts for crib or stroller. Often the carts are supplied with functions of rotation, music, lighting. This is done in order to newborn baby lying in the crib and looked at and even touching these toys, having fun so while my mom will do the household chores. Among the most popular educational toys for children up to 1 year for boys out mobile in a flying saucer and for girls – cart with horses. Are these mobiles 2-3 times cheaper than in local children’s stores.

mobile for a newborn baby in a crib


+ automatic operation of the mobile hands free Mama;

+ on a mobile phone typically hanging toys that play classical music;

+ mobile develops visual and auditory perception of the child.


quickly bored child;

— batteries very quickly.

The 3rd place play Mat with arcs

the best play Mat for baby

Educational Mat for kids is a combo toy that baby can crawl, grab toys, pull them, rustle, taste it, and all this on the back, sitting and on his tummy. It is designed for kids who already don’t want to just lie down and actively exploring the world around us. Very good interactive educational Mat we also bought. He has composed a fascinating stand to your hands and feet – if the kid hit her, then hear the music and turn on the backlight. Also popular is tummy time Mat with one arc and soft round tummy time Mat.

interactive educational Mat

round soft tummy time Mat for baby


+ the development of active and independent toddler;

+ beautiful appearance, good for gift for newborn;

+ folded and compactly stored.


— as soon as the baby will crawl, the Mat will not need him;

it’s a pretty high price for a short time of use.

Expert advice:

“If the kid already knows the capabilities of its educational rug, try to “prolong the life” of this toy, complementing it with new tools to play on his tummy: pieces of fabric to make little “doors”. Opening them, the kid will see the picture attached toy or button. “Doors” can be closed at different Velcro, hooks. . Now these toys can be removed from the pockets and put back as you want. Sew in with some carpeted rings, skip through the tape, the ends of which are going up and down two small toys (from the book Lena Danilova “encyclopedia of educational games”)”.

4th place — educational blocks

cubes for a child's development with malista

Educational blocks are wooden, plastic, soft and interactive. Soft cubes also called “crumbs” and it is a safe alternative to blocks of wood and plastic. They are large and bright and can throw, sit on them, jump and fall. Especially interesting for children to play soft cubes of Velcro. Cubes develop motor skills, grasping reflexes and creative skills of the baby. Rustling cubes teethers very interesting to kids, especially with cutting teeth. But interactive cube can take the baby for 30 – 60 minutes – for educational toys for children under 1 year is a lot, believe me. During this time, you can prepare lunch and dinner.

cube with teether for baby in the car

 Top 10 best educational toys for children up to 1 year


+ safe enough for the child and others;

+ variegated surface trains touch skills;

+ cubes to develop spatial thinking;

+ useful for fine motor skills of hands.


being scattered continually fall under his feet;

— take up a lot of space in the room.

Expert advice:

“Sets the building blocks to develop coordination of movements of eyes and hands, cognitive abilities. Teach your kid to put the cube in the cube. Build in his eyes, a tall tower and then destroy it, exclaiming “Bang!” This game will give your child a great pleasure. Teach him to build and destroy (from the book by Olesya Zhukova “encyclopedia of educational games from 0 months to 3 years”)”.

5th place – toy house

toy house for kid games

Toy house for kids is a whole world of little details, and want to touch, explore and play. The main thing that all small parts are securely fastened for security purposes baby. Usually, toy houses have bright coloring and interactive elements – lights, music, moving parts. Kids, and especially girls love to play with such toy to perform with the inhabitants of the houses daily routine and put them to bed. The mother of the child is usually resting or engaged in household chores.

toy house in baby growth


+ develops all the important skills – vision, hearing, sensation, movement;

+ encourages independent play;

+ good for fine motor skills of hands.


— quite fragile and don’t like drops;

— take up a lot of space in the room.

Expert advice:

“If Your child likes to throw toys on the floor and watches as they fall and You are tired of them constantly to lift, that will help this technique – tie a toy ribbons to the crib and the baby will quickly figure out that they can be dragged back again to throw (from the book M. Andreeva “Home a psychologist. 1000 secrets of parenting”)”.

6th place – children’s piano or another musical toy instrument

kids piano battery operated

Toys, like baby piano or guitar usually done with the backlight, very bright and have a volume control make for a comfortable sound level. Often in memory toy piano stitched ready-made notes or melodies that help you to start making music. The right ear helps to develop xylophone which has a loud and pleasant sound.

musical toy with butterfly and ladybug

toy xylophone for baby

 Top 10 best educational toys for children up to 1 year


+ looks beautiful and safe;

+ develop the ear and musical taste;

+ help to learn children’s songs;

+ can take the baby for a long time.


— delivers audible discomfort to others;

— require periodic battery replacement.

Expert opinion:

“Put the toy so that the baby didn’t see her. Enable the tune and when the baby turns to the sound praise him. Repeat the game by putting the toy in different places of the house. If the child is crawling, then hide the toy under the pillow, but he was able to get it on their own (from the book Jackie Silberg “125 educational games for children up to 1 year”)”.

7 – color pyramid

cheap toy pyramid made of wood

Toy pyramid is an inexpensive and useful toy for children from 6 months to 1 year. This toy is quite safe, as it is made of plastic and has no small parts that can hurt the baby. Pyramid tumbler you can assemble and disassemble in a different order and play separately with each part.

pyramid-roly-poly for games and development


+ looks beautiful and safe;

+ low price, is sold in any children’s store;

+ for a long time will delight baby;

+ versatility – can be combined with other toys.


— lots of spare parts, which are often scattered all over the room.

Expert advice:

“Train the child to independent games that develop the imagination. And to start, show your toddler how to play and treat toy. If the toy is collapsible (e.g., pyramid), then disassemble and assemble it, for a child to see how to play (from the book by S. Zaitsev “Handbook of the young mother”)”.

8th place – children’s toy

toy toy for child development

Sorter teaches the child to separate objects by shape and color. Sorcery come in different forms – from a box or cylinder to the house or cars. The child learns to compare objects, finding in them similarities and differences. While practicing fine motor skills and perseverance. Once the child understands how to play with Furby, it will captivate for a long time, so that will be nice to worry about why he (she) sits quietly for so long.

the children's toy Panda

the toy-machine toy for baby


+ bright and safe toy;

+ develops fine motor skills and logical thinking;

+ goes well with other toys.


— lots of spare parts, which are often scattered all over the room.

9th place – toy abacus

toy abacus for development

Abacus is a truly amazing toy – it would seem that in this one, but the kids return again and again to it to play and twist. Often wooden abacus make colorful and even with sound effects like rattles. Also popular own maze with them the kids can play up to 60 minutes, giving parents a rest. Though the kid does not understand their purpose, this does not prevent him to follow closely the movements of the parts along the guide rails.

toy abacus with a maze for a child's development

It also will include educational boards the Montessori method.

toy hammer peg educational


+ looks nice, steady and safe;

+ typically made from eco-friendly materials – wood and metal;

+ help in older age to learn math.


— scores need to be suspended or steadily put to knuckles moved freely.

10th place – toy hammer

 Top 10 best educational toys for children up to 1 year

Toy hammer with the pegs well-suited as educational toys kiddies who like to hold something in your hands and hit the items. If noticed cravings have your child, can safely buy this a hammer with a turret – it will help him to release excess energy and learn to handle the tool.

tower with a hammer for a child


+ develops fine motor skills of the child;

+ is usually made of wood, so that environmentally safe;

+ you can examine the color;

+ takes the child for a long time.


— safe for children under 6 months of age, so you need to constantly follow the game.

Expert opinion:

“Children like to hold various objects and hit them on the surface. These games develop coordination and amuse baby. Give your child a wooden spoon and show her how to Bang on the floor, with respite favorite songs (from the book Jackie Silberg “125 educational games for children up to 1 year”)”.

Good luck to everyone!