Top 10 Best Nursery Armoires in 2018 Reviews

Armoires are perfect for apartments or houses with a small amount of closet space. They supplement this space and fit easily in a corner or area. They save you from changing the building design when you move-in and want more closet space.

The best nursery armoires are great for the children and adult bedroom. Different brands have a different number of drawers and shelves. However, they all assist to store valuables, clothes, and blankets. Below are the best nursery armoires that you should consider:

  1. Sorelle Vista Armoire

This nursery armoire is made from durable pine. It has appealing and matching knobs. In addition, it looks good in either the child’s room or your bedroom. This armoire also has bun feet that secure it to the floor but do not scratch the floor surface.

It is a superior product which is designed to be adjustable. You can even fit a television in one of its shelves. It further has three drawers that are spacious and easily glide open. It is steady and attractive. You will find this armoire very useful, and it blends well with other home decors.

  1. South Shore Fundy Tide Armoire with Drawers

This armoire has a perfect finish and good-looking knobs. Additionally, its knobs are durable just like its other sections which are made from coated particleboard. This item guarantees you of quality and further comes with a five-year guarantee.

It is well partitioned to allow you to store separate stuff and avoid confusion. Its partitions are large enough but are also adjustable as necessary. This armoire is essential to achieve an organised and warm ambiance. It is great for blankets, clothes and other valuables. It is a piece that does not disappoint and is extremely safe for your child’s room.

  1. South Shore Heavenly Armoire with Drawers

This armoire has a magnificent white finish that makes it look great anywhere in the house. It will certainly complement your bedroom décor and enhance its elegance. It has many storage spaces and shelves which are adjustable to store different items. It is ideal for clothes and blankets.

This armoire has perfect wooden knobs and provides service for a long time. Similarly, it is safe and comprises of dampers and safety latches. It further complies with the required safety standards and is eco-friendly. It is made from non-hazardous veneered particleboard and comes with five-year warranty.

  1. Child Craft Monterey Chifforobe

If you want a timeless armoire that blends in with whatever furniture you have, then this armoire fits the description. It is made from stylish wood and comprises of drawers with metal runners. It is high quality and is supported by a five-year warranty.

Furthermore, it is made with safety in mind. It has a T-lock system and safety stops. Likewise, it is flexible and has shelves which can be adjusted. Its knobs match perfectly to the body with its clear or silver color. Its design is timeless and will remain appealing for years. It is one item that will complement any home décor.

  1. Bratt Decor Chelsea armoire distressed

This armoire looks great and has a unique touch that is clear from its lyrical relief carvings. It is a handcrafted armoire that has fine veneers and is made from durable hardwood. Its expert design and sharp joinery is something to admire it.

This item is a classy nursery accessory which has adjustable compartments. It has an admirable interior finish which is lined with a smooth clothing rod. Its drawers are spacious and dovetailed. It is a great projection of quality which is meant to be useful and deluxe. Its innovative design differentiates it from other armoires in the market, and for instance, its door folds back flat on the side.

  1. South Shore Angel Armoire with Drawers

The lovely finished and the amazingly designed armoire is exactly what you need. It has wooden knobs and profiled drawers that give it an antique style. It has an elegant kick-plate and plenty of storage space. The spaces are also adjustable. It is ideal for storing clothes, blankets and other accessories.

This armoire is perfect and certainly practical. It comprises of a variation of open and closed spaces for storing your important treasures. It also matches well with other furniture and décor and is a timeless item. It has adjustable spaces and complies with the required safety standards.

  1. South Shore Beehive Armoire with Drawers

This nursery armoire has beautiful painted wooden knobs. It further has rounded moldings on each side with adjustable open spaces. It allows quick access to stored items because its drawers easily glide open.

It is a carefully designed piece which adds an original style to your child’s room. It is made for convenience and particularly has openings to pass cables if you wish to plug in electronics. You can therefore easily connect a television or monitor without making the room messy. It is great for clothes, blanks and many other items.

  1. South Shore Sweet Morning Armoire with Drawers

This armoire has profiled drawers and its design stands-out. It further has wooden knobs with an amazing finish. In addition, you will find convenient drawers and open storage spaces that give you a variation of ample space. Additionally, its spaces are adjustable. You can, therefore, store a sizeable number of clothes, blankets and items.

It looks good in the baby’s room and helps unclutter the area. It has an ageless style that will serve you for years, and the armoire suits different decor. This armoire is safe and has different levels of space.

  1. Childcraft Redmond Armoire

Childcraft Redmond armoire is a fashionable antique that includes a garment rod. It further has metal runners and safety stops with locks. It is made from durable wood and iron knobs. It is perfectly designed and adds class to the house.

You will love it for its versatility, rich finish, and steadiness. Furthermore, it is specifically crafted to supplement your closet. Moreover, it has deep drawers that have generous storage space. Its metal runners easily glide to make your experience comfortable. This item further has a five-year warranty.

  1. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

This armoire gives you safety and style. It has safety features such as a safety stops. It is further made from well-finished metal and comprises of deep drawers. In addition, it can serve you for years, and you can extend it by replacing its parts.

Although simple, this armoire looks elegant and completely blends in with your house décor. It has a sophisticated feel and includes gorgeous pieces. It gives you important functionality and is timeless. Its drawers are further flexible and provide ample space.


The best nursery armoire unclutters your room while neatly storing away important accessories. They are amazing linen, pillow, and throw-away closets. There is so much that you can get from these storage solutions.

Most nursery armoires are skinny wardrobes that take advantage of the small space in the house. They fit easily and blend well with other furniture. They also have a timeless feel that enables them to serve you for years. The brands above provide the best nursery armoires in 2018.