Top 10 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers In 2018 Reviews

Childhood is an important stage in everyone’s life. It’s for growth, development, and important period for learning in life – but when you that young the last thing on your mind is learning basic math or how to spell… All you want to do this play!

Luckily over the years, toy companies have become somewhat of experts when it comes to educational children’s toys. Here are the top ten educational toys to give that special child in your life in this coming 2018.

  1. Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

The Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden is a great gift for children of four years and up. It allows the little ones important to you to learn about one of nature’s most captivating transformations. This toy is a reusable habitat made out of fine mesh to allow you to watch the caterpillars (coupon for live caterpillars included) magic transformation into butterflies over and over!

  1. Osmo Gaming System

Osmo is a gaming system for ages six and up that works on most ipads commercially available. This system fosters growth is both creative and social thinking, allowing adults and children alike to cultivate their minds! This creative system allows your child to interacted not only with the ipads touch scream but the physical world as well, bring your child away from the screen that this day and age is so dependent on. This education toy is great for growth in science, art, math, and more.

  1. The Learning Journey Match It! (Spelling Edition)

This toy is great for all ages (recommended for ages three and up for small parts) as it’s never too early to start to learn about how to write in the English language! This is an educational game of match that helps engage children with magnificently illustrated cards that fit together like puzzle pieces. Matching up the pieces of the picture allow your child to memorize the spelling of some beginner words.

  1. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

The Vtech Smart Shots is an interactive two and one toy for toddlers. It consist of both a basket ball hop and soccer net. When using this toy your child can press buttons, flip pages, and even turn gears along with scoring goals with the two sport like goals. This allows the child to develop not only his or her motor skills but also learning about shapes, numbers, language skills and more!

  1. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks and Rock Stack Bundle

This toy is a bundle pack from fisher-price that includes a classic stacking toy and the ever-popular block-and-hole style development toy. It’s bright colors and simple child-friendly design make this classic a great way to teach a child basic motor skills. It helps younger children to learn basic problem-solving skills and a basic understanding of both size and shape.

  1. Hide N Squeak Eggs

A cute a smiley toy for the younger generations, these smiley little eggs encourage a child to form basic recognition of both shape and colors. Little minds and hands will be compete entranced for hours when these colorful orbs find their way into their hands. Each egg base has a shaped assigned base in the carton to encourage your little one to understand shapes, and each egg and shell have corresponding colors to help promote a deeper understanding of color. So fun and cute they don’t even know their learning.

  1. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The Phonic Magnetic Letter Set is a great toy that helps children ages two and up learns phonic skills, which latter build into language and spelling. It keeps the little ones busy and is relatively mess free. The main magnet says the 26 different letters and sings three different learning songs with your child. It’s great fun and helps your child on their first steps to higher communication.

  1. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

This toy is a great educational tool for all ages. It’s made with six engaging six pages and three characters that light up when pressed. This interactive book is great for infants. It has twenty upbeat songs, seven nursery rhymes, and a few moving pieces. It’s both durable and easy to clean.

  1. Brighter Child Early Learning

The Brighter Child Early Learning is a flashcard set adorned in bright and beautiful illustrations to stimulate your little visual learner. The set consists of six subjects with fifty-four cards in each of these subject categories. All together it comes with a durable storage box to keep your cards together with quick and easy access.

  1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

The last toy on our list is for a bit of an older crowd, grade 2 and up, around age seven. It’s an electrical hand on experience at building models of working circuits. The snap together parts are a safe way to play with and get to know electric circuits – no tools required!

Anyone of these toys would be a great gift for the child in your life. It will help them not only fight of boredom, but later ignorance as well. Not to mention it helps mom and dad have a few good moments of peace. Pick any one and watch that child you love grow as an intellectual.