Top 10 Best Diaper Changing Tables In 2018 Reviews

The best diaper changing tables serve a number of functions. They provide a convenient changing area while also providing storage space for toiletries, clothes, diapers, and blankets. They are further made with safety features that prevent them from tipping.

Most of them have open shelves but there are those with the added convenience of storage baskets. Furthermore, they are easy to clean where you just wipe with a piece of cloth. This is majorly possible because they have a water-resistant pad. The best brands are listed below:

  1. Graco Lauren Changing Table

Graco changing table has an open design that makes you easily go about changing your baby. Its height is also just right, and it has sufficient storage space below. Besides the top area, it has other two shelves for holding baby clothing and accessories.

It is safe and even has a safety strap. In addition, it is waterproof and easily moves because of its rollers. The changing pad is embellished and makes it comfortable for the baby. This table is also high-quality and is convenient for changing. It is made from durable pine wood and meets all the safety requirements.

  1. Delta Children Bentley Changing Table

This Delta changing table has plenty of storage space and is made from durable wood. It is a water-resistant table with fixed shelves that consist of open space. It is safe and has safety straps. It therefore safely serves you for a long time.

In addition, it is easy to assemble and has the right height to avoid straining while changing the baby. You will love the fashionable look of this compact but highly functional table. It provides a convenient surface to dress or change the baby. Furthermore, it has enough space to store towels, wipes, diapers, clothes and other toiletries.

  1. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

This changing table has a touch of class and is comfortable on the baby. It has a cotton and polyester pad which is very soft. It is further strong enough to support heavy children and has safety straps to enclose the table.

It gives you great room to easily change the baby and has enough storage spaces below. It is important for keeping accessories neatly tacked and has several closed baskets. You can therefore easily lock-away toiletries and dirty clothing. This table also has a soft changing pad. Still, the layers are made from solid durable wood.

  1. Baby Changing Table Plus baby Changing Pad

This table makes diaper changing a breeze, in addition, other conveniences such as a changing mat. This table has wheels and brakes which you can apply to secure it. It also has handy drawers for powders, creams, and other accessories. In addition, it has spacious open shelves.

This table is made of quality pine and has a non-toxic finish. It has a convenient height and comes with complementary aspects such as easy-wipe and changing cover. It further matches any décor and provides service for a very long time.

  1. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

This changing table is safe and has anti-tip features. Besides meeting international safety standards, it is made from durable wood. Its paint finishing is eco-friendly, and it provides service for a long period. You can also extend its use through replacing parts.

It is a delightful and convenient antique table. It looks simple but has intricate finish that makes it stunning and graceful. It has plenty of space to keep lotion, diapers and other toiletries. It further has a safety strap and a comfortable changing pad.

  1. DaVinci Emily Changing Table II

This changing table has a comfortable and water-proof changing pad. It has all the necessary safety aspects such as a safety strap and anti-tip gear. Its finishing is safe and this table can support a weight of up to 30 pounds.

It is a durable table with an inimitable design. Similarly, it has convenient functionality and an enduring charm. You will love it for its careful construction and accessibility. It is further a versatile piece that can be used for storage.

  1. Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets

This is a versatile change table and storage shelf. It has several baskets for organizing diapers, clothes, and toiletries. Its top area has a soft mattress pad and a safety belt to make changing easier. Additionally, it is stylish and has plenty of space.

It helps to keep the baby room tidy and can store all manner of baby stuff. The most appealing part is the cards that help you sort out items and identify them. It can also support a heavy baby and offers you a variety of storage areas. There are small and large baskets for this. In addition, it is easy to clean where all you do is just wiping.

  1. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta is an amazing brand. This changing table is waterproof and comprises of a safety strap. It has open storage space which can hold plenty of items. It is also easy to assemble and is made from solid wood. You can trust the safety of this table which prevents tipping or falling. Moreover, it is strong and is made from the non-hazardous material.

This Delta table is a durable changing table with much functionality. Its open space can store diapers, clothes, blankets, and toiletries.

  1. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

This changing table is magnificent because of its nicely coated wood. It further has a large storage area and safety aspects. It extends the space of the nursery and has a diaper corner basket. It is a handy unit which can fit into a small space.

In addition, it has a comfortable changing pad and a great fabric cover. This table makes changing easy and fast. It comes in a variation of finishes which complement your house. It is made by an established brand that guarantees quality and elegance. Moreover, this changing table can serve other function when your child is all grown.

  1. Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

This is a beautiful, strong and steady changing table for infants. It is made from durable wood and has a fine changing pad which is waterproof. It has a safety strap and plenty of space in the shelves below.

Its finishing is safe and meets the required safety standards. In addition to serving you for a long time, this table is versatile and can be converted to a pure storage space. It is simple and easy to assemble. Its design showcases clear lines and an enclosed dressing area.


Before you dismiss the diaper changing tables, you should try the brands above. You will realise the great convenience that you have been missing from the use of these tables. They have the perfect height and space to make changing convenient.

Additionally, they mostly support infants up to the weight of 30 pounds. Their design and finishing is excellent and non-hazardous. These tables are also stable and there is so much you can do with the storage space. Although warranty is important, you will discover that these tables serve you for an acceptably long time.