Smart pregnancy: 10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Expecting Mothers

In our technological age, no important event in the life of man is not complete without gadgets, and preparing for the birth of a new family member – is no exception.

To monitor their condition, learn how the fetus in the womb to prepare for childbirth and even to collect the necessary things in the hospital will help the mobile apps for new moms.

BabyBump Pregnancy

The application counts the days remaining before the birth, and reports the expectant mother how she should feel at this stage of pregnancy. For example, in the 18th week BabyBump Pregnancy will tell a woman that she may experience slight dizziness, and that’s fine. Messages are accompanied by illustrations and diagrams. The app also shows how the fruit looks and how it should be placed in the womb in a given period of time.

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Application in a simple and accessible form explains to future mothers, as is the development of the fetus in their womb. Interactive 3-D images are accompanied by interesting facts, for example, that the baby in mommy’s tummy has learned to hiccup. As in the previous case, the application warns the woman about the possible changes in her health. In addition, Sprout allows you to monitor their own weight, keep statistics on “Briceni” of the fetus, to plan visits to the doctor, make lists of needed items (for example, to travel to the hospital) and to monitor the frequency of contractions.

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Peaceful Nursery

App for adherents of green lifestyle helps to make a list of things necessary for childbirth and environmentally friendly such as organic cotton diaper or cradle made of natural materials. Peaceful Nursery also offers tips about how to make your home more “healthy” – for example, through regular airing.

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The app helps to make lists of needed items not only for the mother but for the father, grandparents, other relatives or the child. Each list contains three tabs – all the necessary things already folded for the trip to the hospital, and those who just have to buy or pack. Especially useful is a reminder function that things need to be added before a certain date.

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My Pregnancy Today

One of the most popular applications for pregnant women in Google Play is another versatile feature set images for the phased development of the fetus, information about changes in a woman’s body and a birth date calculator complemented by well-organized task list. Using this application, an expectant mother each week gets a clue about the business that should plan for this pregnancy – whether it’s a trip to the doctor or exercise system Kegel.

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Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

The name of this app speaks for itself: it allows to always keep on hand information about what foods should be avoided during pregnancy. Products are divided according to the types and preparation methods.

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Pregnant and FIT!

There are a number of apps that help women to keep fit during pregnancy, but Pregnant and FIT! one of the most convenient and easy options. The first menu allows you to choose between half-hour and long-term training. The second provides exercises for when “Mama tired,” “Mommy feels fine” or “Mommy feels Super-Mom”. Followed by list of equipment needed and step-by-step scheme of training with photos.

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I’m Pregnant

And again global app that combines even more functions. In addition to the already known phase-out pictures of fetal development, messages about the state of health of future mothers, the weight calculator and “Briceni” baby, I’m Pregnant offers to make lists and notes, and also provides tips on healthy nutrition and training for women.

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Contraction Timer

If the 3-D model of the child and the mobile diaries attract not every mother, then this app will be useful to all without exception – Contraction Timer will help monitor the frequency of contractions to determine the approaching time of delivery.

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Contraction Monitor

This “prenatal” app features an advanced set of features: a woman can not just register the frequency of contractions, but also to note their intensity. This allows the program to most effectively determine the time when the baby is ready to be born.

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List of apps for moms-to-far not limited to this list. The number of “pregnant” programs, available for Android and iPhone, is thousands. It is worth noting that most of them are designed to help women in the situation and entertain them, but does not replace qualified medical consultations.

We wish you a pleasant and easy pregnancy!