Top 10 Best Baby Toy Gift Sets in 2017 Reviews

Baby gifts are not that hard to find, but when it comes to bathroom stuff, one should be careful with what to go for. This is because a baby’s skin is delicate and care should be taken not to but items that may irritate the skin. Here is a detailed look at some of the 10 baby toy gift sets one may opt to get for a child this year.

10. Baby Boy Mickey Mouse Bath Gift Set with Towels

10.Baby Boy Mickey Mouse Bath Gift Set with Towels, Washcloths and Grooming Kit

The set comprises of grooming kits, two bath towels with mickey mouse themes several washcloths. The grooming kits include a brush, a comb, a nail clipper, nail file and a nail scissor. The kits help prevent the kid from getting scratches that may result from using normal items while the size of the towels have been designed to fit a baby well.

9. Baby Magic Baby Bathing Basics Gift Set (Pack of 2)

9.Baby Magic Baby Bathing Basics Gift Set (Pack of 2)

This item includes items for body and hair washing and also lotions for calming and gentle application. Each of the product has its counterpart travel size product similar to it to enable one to use it while on the move. A bath mitt, which has been designed in the shape of a star, and a plastic bag with a drawstring have also been included in the package.

8. Baja Baby Night-Night Lavender Gift Set

8.Baja Baby Night-Night Lavender Gift Set

This package includes a shampoo and a body lotion. They have both been made using only natural and organic ingredient such as Hemp seed oil, Grape seed oil and avocado oil, all formulated together with vital vitamins to make the baby look healthy. The products have been scented to smell like lavender. A mascot has been added to the bag to make carrying it fun.

7. Baby Magic Gift Set

7.Baby Magic Gift Set

The nice and elegant looking gift set has the colors to brighten up a baby’s day. Its contents however, do this in a better way with items such as a baby magic shampoo, body wash and lotion included in the set. A yellow rubber duck has also been added to float around the tub as the baby takes a bath.

6. Baby Bath Easter Gift Set Blue

6.Baby Bath Easter Gift Set Blue

This gift set comes with a yellow rubber duck that the kid can play with while in the bath tub. The package includes a storybook, Bath wash, scrub and a pail. The scrub lathers with the J and J bath wash well to gently wash the kid’s skin. The storybook has cardboard pages and let you read bedtime and leisure time stories to the baby.

5. Winnie The Pooh Hooded Towel Gift Set

5.Winnie The Pooh Hooded Towel Gift Set

Intended for use by babies below the age of 19 months, this gift set is meant to make the baby’s bath time more fun. Its terrycloth is gentle on the skin and has been made soft enough not to scratch the skin in any way. The whole set of towels has been branded with images of Winnie the pooh and the images do vary. Options for girls’ of boys’ sets are available.

4. Aveeno Baby Mommy and Me Gift Set

4.Aveeno Baby Mommy and Me Gift Set

The Aveeno baby mommy and me gift set comprises of a nice fancy looking basket that has been padded to comfortable hold the basket contents. Inside the basket are baby products from the Aveeno line of baby products which include a baby body wash, a baby shampoo, lotion and towel wipes for the child.

3. Puracy Natural & Organic Baby Care Gift Set

3.Puracy Natural & Organic Baby Care Gift Set

The puracy baby care gift set contains bathing material such as baby shampoo, body wash and baby lotion, all which have been made from natural and organic ingredients that are free of toxins. The package comes with a gift box for fitting in the items perfectly well. The items have a lavender and grape fruit scent.

2. Aveeno Baby Gift Set, Daily Care Essentials Basket, Baby and Mommy Gift Set

2.Aveeno Baby Gift Set, Daily Care Essentials Basket, Baby and Mommy Gift Set

Added to this package is a free tote that has been completely made of natural cotton canvas. Items in the package include a moisture lotion, a moisture cream, a baby wash and a shampoo, all formulated with active natural ingredients to leave the baby’s delicate skin soothing and supple.

1. Johnson’s Bathtime Essentials Gift Set

1.Johnson's Bathtime Essentials Gift Set

This set has 7 items which include a baby wash, a 9-ounce baby lotion from Johnsons, a baby shampoo, a bubble bath and a diaper rash cream. 55 safety swabs have also been included in the package. The items have natural organic ingredients in them such as aloe and vitamin E to help get the baby’s skin better.

Finding the best baby toy gift set has just been made way simple for you. Online reviews show that most mothers were happy with the above items as gifts to their babies. All that is left for one to do is pick one that seem to suit a baby they know.

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